Settling the ‘Dumsor’ debate: NPP claims triumph in the energy sector.


The Akuffo Addo administration as parts of its campaign messages on promises delivered is the issue of power outages better known as “Dumsor” which the NPP administration claims to have been solved during its era, however, the John Mahama administration also has been claiming it laid the groundwork for the alleviation of ‘Dumsor’.

The menace of ‘Dumsor’ which became rampant in the John Mahama administration continues to be a nightmare and has become a dent on the Mahama administration due to the high rate of unemployment, high cost of living, the collapse of business among others that became rampant as a result of ‘Dumsor’

In 2014, the Institute of Scientific and Economic Research study indicated that the country lost about US$680 million in 2014 translating into about 2% of GDP due to power crises.

The New Patriotic Party prior to the 2016 elections promised to make ‘Dumsor’ a thing of the past. And although some areas experience power outages at some point in time the ‘Dumsor’ pandemic is gradually becoming a thing of the past under the current administration.

However,  the National Democratic Congress has been claiming that the erstwhile administration solved ‘Dumsor’ before leaving office but the NPP is claiming feat because it succeeded in a well-managed ‘Dumsor’ pandemic.

Speaking to the people of the Adentan constituency as part of his tour in the Greater Accra Region, the former President said that his government made certain that ‘dumsor’ was addressed before the Akufo-Addo government assumed office.

I tell you that, I solved ‘dumsor’ before leaving power. But if the NPP says they did it, then they should show us just one power plant that they procured in addition to what we did,” he emphasized.

The Akuffo Addo administration has however been refuting such claims by the NDC and has been alleging that it inherited a collapsed energy sector  full of debts, increased Electricity tariffs, and excess capacity


The Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta delivering the 2020 mid-year budget review on 23rd July 2020, said,

“We have relegated ‘dumsor’ to the past. It is clear to our fellow Ghanaians by now that we have enjoyed 3 and half years of reliable and cheaper power. We have spent in excess of 4.7 billion in capacity payments not only to ensure that we keep the lights on but also to pay for power we do not use under very questionable contractual obligations we inherited.”

The NPP government has however been elaborating on some of the initiatives that has prevented ‘dumsor’ for some years now among them are; ensuring the availability of fuel power generation, implementation of the cash-waterfall mechanism, improved grid system, completed reverse gas flow, increase use of renewables, regular payment of outstanding bills to IPPs among others.

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